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ja04071203Tongland is approved by Shanghai personnel bureau (license) 009 professional senior talent recommendation, training and management consulting consulting company. Companies in financial investment, manufacturing, consulting, fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, information engineering, bio-pharmaceutical, and other fields have rich experience in hunting. Company customer base for the global top 500 enterprises, the world famous multinational companies and well-known enterprises of China, focused on the senior talents of mining enterprises in mainland China area. We involved in the industry to ourselves and assessment team cooperated with professional team, large pool of talent, and industry senior executive search consultant.

For the world famous enterprise oriented professional headhunting company, operating in strict accordance with international practice and market rules, we focus on hunting job success rate and company reputation. Our professional service attitude has won, including global top 500 enterprises, many companies praise.

Tongland is committed to and all kinds of talents, enterprises set up long-term strategic cooperative relations. Established in the basis of mutual trust, praise hope that through our professional headhunting services, in the shortest possible time to help customers get the most suitable talent, make our customers and keeping advantages in the fierce competition in the market together. General praise at the same time hope that through our professional headhunting services, to help our staff to obtain the best career development opportunities.

Our advantages

Global talent database

Tongland of database resources is global, we primarily for financial investment, manufacturing, consulting, fast-moving consumer goods, electronic communications, information engineering, biological pharmaceutical and other industries to provide excellent talents.

Deep personnel searched for a network

Who have a global talent network, and a cosmopolitan of search way. Also has the industry a considerable number of part-time consultant, an exact general praise can quickly provide customers need talent.

Excellent consultant group

Tongland with high quality and energetic team, senior adviser to have study abroad experience, graduated from famous universities, professional human resource management, have working experience in multinational companies at the same time, with sharp information mining, and determine the selection of personnel investigative capacity, in executive search and human recruitment has considerable experience.

Advanced testing methods

Tongland for talent identification through face-to-face interview, not only our senior adviser is through praise unique testing methods and means are more in-depth understanding of the candidates.

Our clients

Medicine/Medical device
Machinery and equipment/Automation
Building/ Architectural design
Consumer Goods/retail