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Work advantage:

Work contact candidates is all in all areas of advanced, excellent behind their success there are many places worth to learn, so through the communication with them, consultant himself will be good to learn and grow. Company culture power,provide platform for the development of each and every one has the potential to researcher(Experience in it or not).
TongLand sincerely invite positive self-confidence, interested in eminence in the field of human resource services, you together to create success.

Talent concept:

  • Steadfast steady: Career planning is clear, can adhere to the development in the headhunting industry.
  • Self-motivating:Have passion to search, have the ability of continuous improvement, rather than dissipate.
  • Flexible communication:Have certain analytical mind and strain capacity.
  • Teamwork:Company of everyone, work can be complementary and mutual aid, progress together.
  • Service awareness:Clients and candidates as own duty, with all do better.


Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today.
Practise what you preach,be resolute.No procrastination, no speculation.
Welcome you have passion,involved in this to help others, to create a self value work.