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Headhunting service is the effective expansion of cheap essays enterprise human resources work, with professional through great global talent database and advanced way, for the enterprise to provide economic, efficient and fast service human resources. We hope that through great service, provides the bridge between the excellent talents and enterprise, the enterprise can obtain the most need of talents, and talent can get the most wide stage; Also hope that through great services, to deeply understand customer strategy development, become a strategic partner of the clients.

Assist executive search service resources:

Global talent database: Tongland great database resources is global, we primarily for financial investment, manufacturing, consulting, fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, information engineering, biological pharmaceutical and other industries to provide excellent talents
Deep personnel searched for a network: who has a global buy custom essay online talent network, and a cosmopolitan of search way. Also has the industry a considerable number of part-time consultant, an exact Tongland can quickly provide customers need talent;
Excellent consultant group:Tongland with high quality and energetic team, senior adviser to have study abroad experience, graduated from famous universities, professional human resource management, have working experience in multinational companies at the same time, with sharp information mining, and determine the selection of personnel investigative capacity, in executive search and human recruitment has considerable experience.
Advanced testing methods: Tongland the recognition of talents not only through face-to-face interview, a senior consultant is through praise unique testing methods and means are more in-depth understanding of the candidates.
Assist executive search service principle:

Responsible for the principle – responsible for the customer, responsible to the people
General praise headhunting service for all customers, all adopt international headhunting operating procedures, to protect the interests of customers and talents in an all-round way. Pass before without the consent of the customer, absolute protection of customer all confidential; In the case of without the consent of the people at the same time, also the talent information privacy and absolute assurance that the occupational safety. In headhunting service operation process, who will communicate through the phone and face to face interview, career planning tools means such as evaluation, psychological testing, the maximum let customers know about candidates. To introduce candidates to clients, through praise will be all-round for candidates to understand customer situation, not conceal any information that affects the candidate to make a career choice
Suitable for principle – looking for the best, but to find the most suitable
Tongland for search procedures, will be thorough and comprehensive understanding of the customer’s corporate culture, corporate background, operating conditions, industry status, development strategy and relevant information about looking for position, in order to make sense of assist senior consultant of can be targeted to find the most suitable candidate for the enterprise.. So we recommend candidate isn’t necessarily the best, but must be the most suitable
After successfully recommendation, we will still keep the communication with referral and unit of choose and employ persons, makes the recommended talents work stable and maximum benefit. For candidates to leave during the probation period, we will be responsible for free replacement.
Principle of fast – typically can find you a candidate within a week
Global talent database based onTongland, our senior advisor for most of the position can be in a week can provide the suitable candidate. This is great in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other parts of the world one of the reasons was praised by customers.