Service process

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Each executive search project will have a TongLand buy cheap essays consult who is responsible for it. The role of the consultant is to guide and lead team members to complete the search in a timely and effective manner with international standards.

Demand Analysis
Understanding very well about the position is the first step that TongLand consultants complete in the executive search position for the client. Our consultant will discuss with the client about the job description, position requirements, client background, company culture, size, and organization structure to provide the most suitable candidates.

Contract Signing
The TongLand consultant will then propose the procedures to complete the executive search. When clients agree with the proposal, the TongLand consultant will sign the executive search contract with the client.

Executive Searching
The TongLand consultant will search potential candidates using the TongLand global database. They will also use international standard methods to search for potential candidates.

Interview and Recommendation
TongLand senior consultants will formally interview buy essays online for college potential candidates with advanced methods to deeply explore each candidate’s work experience, education background, motivation, personality, ability and salary package. When suitable candidates have been identified, the TongLand consultant will provide a recommendation report to the client.

Client Interview
The TongLand consultant will arrange an interview with the candidate whom the client is interested in. After the interview, the TongLand consultant will negotiate with the successful candidate about the salary package and forward the job offer to the candidate.

Reference Check
TongLand will check all the information related to the successful candidate to make sure that all information provided to the client is true.

Service fee paying
Client pays the service fee according to the contract.

TongLand will keep in touch with the successful candidates and provide consulting services during the probation

period. If the client is not satisfied with the employed during the probation period, TongLand will resource qualified candidate with no charge.